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Special Sitting Cause List dated 22.05.2018 to 24.05.2018 is available in Causelist Menu
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1. WRIT APPEAL No.1319/2018 and Connected - Dated 7th May 2018
2. ELECTION PETITION No.4/2013 Dated 25th April 2018
3. WP HC NO.13/2018 Dated 19th April 2018
4. WRIT APPEAL NO.2213/2017 C/W WRIT APPEALS NO.2214-2217/2017 (GM-RES) - Dated 26th March 2018
5. WP NOs.6458-6459/2018 (GM-KLA) - Dated 5th March 2018
6. WP.No.13617-13627/2017 & WP No.14529/2017 (S-RES) PIL C/W WP No.11342/2017 (S-KAT) Dated 9th March 2018 - Appointments KPSC (Group-A & Group-B) Probationary Officers under the Karnataka Recruitment of Gazetted Probationers (Appointment by Competitive Examination) Rules, 1997"
7. CCC Nos.1427-1433/2017 (Civil) Dated 26th Feb 2018
8. EP No.1/2016 .
9. WP No.7724/2018 and connected matters.
10. WA No.6399/2017
11. WP.No.3969/2018
12. WP.No.58401/2017
13. I.A.No.4/2017 IN WP NO.47168/2017(GM-RES)PIL
14. I.A.No.4/2017 IN ITA NO.879/2017